Health Australia & Tanzania - Working in partnership. Find out how you can be a part.

globe-icon-sqWho are HAT?

Engaging and empowering Tanzanian communities to determine their own development needs. Providing access to health related infrastructure, services and education. Creating awareness amongst Australians about development issues in Tanzania. Motivating people to contribute to our mission. These are the things that drive Health Australia & Tanzania.

Join us in helping to to improve the health of rural communities in Tanzania.  


globe-icon-sq100% of your donation goes to the community

HAT is completely run by volunteers. This keeps overheads low, so that 100% of your donations can go to the project.

It doesn't take much to make a difference to a community. HAT works in partnership with NGOs who are driven by a desire to involve communities in the decision making process.

Recent Projects

HAT's had many successful projects over the years, check out what we've been doing, and find out more about our most recent project.

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HAT - Working in partnership. Find out how you can be a part.

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