Health Australia & Tanzania - A Non-Profit Organization
86 Romano Ave  
Mill Park, VIC, 3082


Help HAT by becoming a member - it's only $25 a year for adults, $10 for students and unemployed and $5 for children under 16.  You can also join as a passionate member for $60 a year.  It's a small contribution that helps us greatly!

Make a donation to HAT for project work through the GiveNow website. You can make a once-off donation, or commit to a regular donation of any amount.

All donations over $2 are tax deductable.



Members help the cause by covering our administrative costs through membership dues, allowing all money raised through fundraising to go directly to projects in Tanzania.  

Membership also entitles you to a vote at HAT's annual general meeting and ensures that you are kept up to date with HAT's events, projects and ongoing growth!


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