Meet the Commitee

If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever

Kofi Annan

Current HAT Committee Members

Peter Constable (President and Treasurer)

Peter has been involved with HAT since its foundation in 2005 and has been supported by Carolina, his wife and their daughters Mikaela and Amelia who accompany him to HAT’s various events throughout the year. He was previously Treasurer and has been President since 2013. Peter travelled to Tanzania with the HAT Committee in 2011 and this was a watershed moment of appreciating the difference that HAT is making to the Tanzanian community. Email:

Hayley Rugarabamu (Secretary/Fundraising Coordinator)

Hayley has a background in both public health and molecular parasitology and has completed her PhD in the field of malaria research. She currently works at the Burnet Institute were she is developing novel anti-malarial compounds. Hayley first joined HAT in 2015 as an ordinary member and became the HAT secretary in November 2016. Email:

George Rugarabamu (Technical Advisor/Translator)

George is a biologist with strong interest in global health, having spent most of the past 10 years conducting research on disease-causing infectious agents such as toxoplasma, HIV, trypanosomes and salmonella. He currently works at Medicines Development for Global Health. George joined HAT in 2016 and supports the team as a Technical Advisor and Translator. Email:

Thorey Jonsdottir (Website/Social Media Coordinator)

Thorey has a Bachelor degree in Biomedical Science (Hons) and is currently undertaking a PhD in molecular parasitology at the University of Melbourne. Her project is based at the Burnet Institute and focuses on identifying novel malaria parasite drug targets. She joined HAT in January 2019 and is involved with fundraising as well as updating the website content and social media. Email: