Fundraise for HAT

Prospect Wines Fundraiser

HAT is currently working with Prospects Wines to raise funds for HAT in a completely socially-distanced manner due to COVID19. HAT receives $60 for every dozen bottles of specially HAT-labelled Australian wine sold through Prospect Wines. This delicious wine will be delivered straight to your door. To get involved click the box below:

Cadbury Fundraising for HAT

Cadbury fundraising is an easy (and yummy) way to raise funds for HAT. Chocolates can be sold to friends, family members, work colleagues or your local social group. Every chocolate sold goes towards helping communities in rural Tanzania. Please contact Peter Constable, email: for more information. To check out Cadbury funraising option click the box below:

Do you have a fundraising idea?

If you want to raise funds for HAT, please feel free to reach out to our HAT secretary Hayley Rugarabamu, email: