Partner NGOs

HAT works in partnership with NGO’s in Tanzania to help fund projects in rural areas of Tanzania. Over the years HAT has partnered up with the following NGO’s: MAMADO, HDT and HAPA

MAMADO (Maji Na Maendeleo Dodoma)

Together with MAMADO, HAT helped provide funding to improve water supply, health facilities and provide health education to Primary School Students in Weyula, Sogea and Nhyinila Primary School.


HDT (Health Promotion Tanzania)

Together with HDT, HAT helped provide funding to build village dispensaries in Mubwilinde and Mumuhamba to promotes village sustainability and provide the communities with necessary primary health care needs.


To use a result based-human centred approach to plan and implement innovative community and national level-based interventions that impact on maternal new-born, child health and youth.

HDT Mission Statement
For further information check out their website:

HAPA (Health Action Promotion Association)

Together with HAPA, HAT helped provide funding to provide medical equipent to village dispensaries, hygiene facilities and education for the following villages: Urughu, Londoni, Choda, Matumbo and Mapando villages.

HAT handing over check for Matumbo dispensary