The faithful gathered on Wednesday, 30th November 2016 at VicHealth to accept the annual accounts and endorse the Committee nominations for 2017.

Here are excerpts from the presentations:

President's Report:

Great financial year, 11th year and most significant achievement was to set up the funding of the Nhyinila Primary School WASH project and thanks to Committee members for their work on this.

This financial year received reports on outcomes from the project that will be reported in next year’s report.

Great events held – Run for Tanzania in October 2015 and Martin gave intro and awarded prizes and ran in the race!

Successful Trivia night including Bootcamp and much credit for this goes to Ana Peguero and her significant contribution.

Ernest  Mudogo has visited Tanzania in 2015-16 and met with Rev. Peter Bujari Head of HPT and MAMADO committee. Important to maintain link with HAT's NGO partners and providing report back to us.

Committee has changed over the financial year and we welcome new members and thank those who have retired during the year and thank all who have contributed their time to HAT which is greatly appreciated.

Also thanks to fellow committee members' dedication and commitment.

Martin Gould, President

Secretary's Report:

In 2016, the HAT Committee created a new role to oversee memberships for the organisation.

As HAT is a member-based organisation and our members are highly valued and integral to achieving our mission and vision this is a key role, acting as the main point of contact between HAT members and the HAT committee regarding membership subscriptions and renewal; maintaining membership records; identifying opportunities for increasing the number of HAT members; and working with the Committee to identify opportunities to further engage with our members and raise awareness amongst members of HAT’s aim, vision, mission and current projects.

In May 2016 this role was taken up by Tasha Vercauteren, who comes to HAT with experience working in Not for Profit organisations overseas as well as the Victorian health care sector.

The focus on the Membership management role has to date been on membership renewals and maintaining records as the Committee has not had the capacity to focus on broadening membership this year. Most of our communications with members have been through social media and e-newsletters and at events such as the Run for Tanzania, which our members continue to support.

Membership status

Total HAT members: 97

Financial Members: 51

Overdue members: 42

Honorary: 4

Passionate: 18 (18.5%)

CC Renewals: 31 (32%)

Archived: 205

Social media and communications:

In the last financial year, our main communication channel with members and others was via social media – namely using Facebook and Twitter. I would like to thank Theresa Ng for the role she has played as social media guru – keeping us and HAT members up to date with relevant items of interest from around the world, as well as the updating on HAT projects and events.

On average, we have around 5-6 posts per month on topics such as global health, water and sanitation, news about Tanzania and the African continent, and HAT projects and activities.

Currently, we have 330 likes & 39 followers on our Facebook page.

Our Facebook page is Tanzania-HAT- Inc-278495666381 and our Twitter is @HealthAusTanz.

We have also mailed out 7 e-newsletters to our members in the last financial year.

Tessa Saunders, Secretary

Treasurer's Report:

My sincere thanks to Salvatore Silipo FCPA for his oversight in auditing HAT's financial statements again this year and I am happy to declare that the 2015/2016 accounts have been endorsed as reflecting a true and fair view of HAT's financial position as at 30 June 2016.

The last twelve months have been challenging in a global environment which has not favoured the not for profit sector in a tightening economy and it is worthy of recognition that HAT maintained its links with its NGO network in Tanzania in comparison to the previous two financial years - my deepest gratitude to the HAT Committee for their tireless efforts in keeping the vision alive.

2015/2016 has been mainly characterised by the consolidation of the funding model for our overseas projects to ensure that HAT continues to employ an evidence based decision making framework as laid out in our strategic plan. The impact of this approach has been an increase in HAT’s cash reserves of $7,811 to a total of $30,329. This would be normally interpreted as a positive aspect of an organisation's financial position but HAT was incorporated on the fundamental premise that our cash reserves would at all times be minimal in response to the emerging projects identified by our partners. Therefore it is with great satisfaction that despite this accumulation of cash reserves by 30 June 2016, a total of $21,115 has been transferred to Tanzania in the first quarter 2016/17 supporting the Nhyinila Primary School Project.

Importantly, HAT has been able to maintain its commitment to devote 100% of its fundraising proceeds to the development projects in Tanzania and our membership income has covered the administrative overheads of the organisation. The challenge continues to maintain our existing membership base and increase the number of financial members in order to maintain this commitment of 100% application of funds and maintain our Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

Peter Constable, Treasurer


HAT Rules of Association 2014

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